Boat Show Parking Information Night

Boat Show Parking Information Night
For those of you new to the school we have the easiest fundraiser in the world.  We simply park cars in the school grounds during Annapolis boat shows (fall and spring) and other large events.  With that money we are able to cover all of your child’s school expenses and bring in amazing learning opportunities to the school on top of that!!

So instead of pleading with relatives to buy wrapping paper or baking endless amounts of cookies for a bake sale all you need to do is spend two hours one day over the year where you can chat with other parents and staff while showing a car where to park.

Those of you who have not yet parked cars you can get information on how we do this at one of our upcoming Parking Information Nights. If you cannot get a babysitter we will have a movie on for the kids.  Please come – we will buy you a drink afterwards!!
Thursday September 10, 7pm Media Center
Monday September 21, 7pm Media Center
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