Free Flumist Vaccine Offered to Elementary School Students

“The FluMist program is a convenient way for parents of elementary school students to get their children vaccinated and to help ensure their children miss as little instructional time as possible,” schools Superintendent Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell said. “This is a valuable program, and I am proud that our school system and the Department of Health continue to be able to provide this service to children.”
FluMist, which is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is a safe nasal spray vaccine that contains the live, but attenuated (weakened), flu virus.
“Each year, I support this program that provides widespread access and availability of FluMist through county elementary schools,” said County Executive John R. Leopold. “This program for county school children helps to improve overall public health in Anne Arundel County during the flu season.”
According to the county Department of Health, Anne Arundel County has the largest flu vaccination program for public elementary school students in the state. 

“The county government’s sponsorship of this campaign is outstanding,” said Anne Arundel County Health Officer Frances B. Phillips.  “This is a significant public health measure, and I hope parents of all eligible children will take advantage of the vaccination program.”

Permission forms must be returned to elementary schools no later than Friday, October 3.
Permission forms in English and Spanish and more information at: Anne Arundel County Public Schools Flumist Info
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